*Adalimumab from the same master cell line, with the same efficacy and safety profile, now in a citrate-free, lower-volume formulation with a re-designed Pen.

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HUMIRA treats a number of autoimmune conditions.

HUMIRA (adalimumab) helps treat the pain and inflammation of certain autoimmune conditions.

HUMIRA Safety Information

Safety information on this website includes some of the more important information to know about HUMIRA.

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How does HUMIRA work?

HUMIRA is a fully human monoclonal antibody. HUMIRA recognises and binds to a specific protein (tumour necrosis factor or TNF-alpha), which is present at increased levels in inflammatory diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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What you need to know about taking HUMIRA, including helping you get the best out of your HUMIRA treatment.

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